Here’s Looking at You, Kid…

What a strange day. A gas pump talked to me and my ninety year old father couldn’t. He’s back in the hospital, his health more precarious than ever.

I needed gas as I left town. As I was pumping the gas, thinking about my father, the pump suddenly asked me, “are you thirsty?” The voice was female, a bit alto, and urgent. I was so startled I jumped and looked around for who had asked the question. In an attempt to influence my answer the gas pump’s five inch (?) screen displayed an image of a large cup of some dark, bubbly liquid.  For a moment I thought I was a character in Blade Runner.

My father continues to decline. He will be entering a nursing home next week, supposedly for a thirty day period to “regain some of his strength.” I have an icy premonition he will never leave. I read the proposed nursing home contract. As an attorney I admired the language about getting a refund if the patient dies before the end of the month: “should the account be terminated for any other reason…”

How grim… We both need a sexy photo of a live nude girl to lighten things up…

By Tanguerocreative commons


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One Response to “Here’s Looking at You, Kid…

  1. What a nice post about your father, hmm ninety years old so he was born in 1919 or 1920. What a great year that was.

    My grandfather was born in 1920, he was the last of that breed, a true southern gentleman.

    Hey, go see him often and make sure they are treating him nicely. Believe me they won’t if they don’t know that a watchful eye might be dropping in unexpectedly. It’s the least we can do for our parents or grandparents.

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