Creative Commons Cutie

I’ve been exploring the multifaceted world of the creative commons license. Some images may be reproduced  and used in any way upon proper attribution of the original author. Some photos can only reproduced in their original form and cannot be used in any commercial fashion. The intent behind cc licensing is to allow certain uses of your copyrighted work without surrendering complete control.

Wow! Isn’t that dandy! VISIONS can now post gobs and gobs of racy pictures from Flickr as long as those photos have a creative commons license! Well, not exactly. The Flickr poster has to own the copyright to the image she has posted. If she doesn’t then she can’t give me the right to publish and the cc license has no effect. I’ve seen photos on Flickr purporting to be subject to cc license which obviously does not belong to the poster. This photo of Andy Warhol’s depiction of Marilyn Monroe is posted with a cc license. The photographer has no rights to license to me; when he took the photo he violated the original copyright on the painting. If I publish it on my website I am also guilty of copyright violation.

Well, you’ve been very patient. Here is you treat – a lovely nude photo by Marcof:

Creative Commons License

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