Sexy Sets!! (3/7/10)

Why do some folks on Flickr create a set with only one photo? What’s the point? I normally won’t create a set unless I have, or will have, at least ten photos. I’ve also noticed some folks will create a set with virtually their entire photostream in it. Shouldn’t a set have some common theme and only a relatively limited number of photos? Not too many or too few? Of course the beauty, or curse, of Flickr’s organizing tools is that you can do things however the hell you want. So I guess if you want to put every photo in its own set or all of your photos in just one set you can do it (even it annoys the hell out of us). Enough pontification. Here are some sexy Flickr sets VISIONS has picked out for you today:

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I don’t understand the appeal  of pantyhose. Sure, they make the female leg look great, but so do my beloved stockings. On the other hand pantyhose can cause infections and are a bitch to get off a woman. In any event, if you’re a pantyhose lover, this set by Prezfred2000 is for you:

Sexy Women in Pantyhose

Who among us is not a huge fan of women cycling nude? Who among us wouldn’t want to be a bicycle seat?? Here is an odd  set by goodbikebd of nude women on bicycles:

Pedal Girls

I’m sure there is a term for desiring sex under water. The closest term I can find is liquidophilia, but that just means putting your genitals in water. Then there’s Aguamemnon, a term I found in the Urban Dictionary. Did you know the street term for two men having sex with one women underwater or near a swamp is Alligator Fuck House? While I don’t find the idea of underwater sex appealing, I’d make love to the subject of the set below anywhere, including the bottom of the sea.

Melanie Underwater

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Photo by Manu2560, subject to a creative commons license.

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