Flickr in the News

Picnic is Flickr’s default photo editor. Picnic has been purchased by Google. Hmmm… Google: Flickr Can Keep Using Picnik. Yahoo: We Have No Comment.

As if Flickr doesn’t eat up enough of our time. Now you can play games with Flickr.

Flickr may have delusions of grandeur, it now plans on mapping the entire world (can’t wait to see all those Antarctica photos…)

Google Streets had adopted Flickr, inviting Flickr photographers to augment street views with their Flickr images.

If I owned a stock photo company I’d be very nervous. If I were a professional news photographer I’d be depressed. Search Flickr News and you will find hundred of news outlets using Flickr photos. Somehow, I doubt those news outlets are paying stock prices or royalties (“‘Gee.  My Flickr photo’s in the newspapers!!”)

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