A Pleasant Surprise

The lecherous work here at VISIONS has long been hampered by the inability to create a gallery with photos of actual nude women. I have thought for a long time the  Flickr system of insuring nudes could not be added to galleries was near foolproof. Imagine my surprise when, this morning, I learned otherwise. I was perusing an evidently Italian group called Guardami Negli Occhi and decided to put together a gallery of  photos of women from the group. I inadvertently clicked on a photo of a nude only to discover the add to gallery option at the top. As I searched further I discovered every nude photo could be included in a gallery. Wow… Well, Visions won’t look a gift horse in the mouth (and, of course, anyone may see this gallery!)  Here for your viewing pleasure is the outlaw gallery for Guardami Negli Occhi… Enjoy!



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