Out of India

If you are a Flickr member you are always happy whenever someone gives you a positive comment on one of your photos. “well,” you think to yourself, “at least somebody likes my picture!” After you smile you immediately click through to your fan to look at her photostream. When you find 126 murky, out of focus snapshots of ears of corn in a state of decay you think, “ah, well…” Perhaps I am a snob, but I cherish a Flickr compliment much more from a photographer whose work is excellent. Such a nice post makes me feel like I just might have taken a superior photo.

I just posted the photo below of some roses my secretary got for me last week to give to my wife. I get no domestic credit for my gift of roses anymore. My wife has long been wise to the  game (I give her a new dozen every month or so).

Fairly quickly, I received a comment which read: Beautiful….. Excellent, very well composed. As I smiled I clicked through to Bhanu Devgan, my new fan. Wow! His work ranges from excellent to jaw dropping insanely great. He’s Indian and his nation’s wildlife and landscapes are his preferred subjects. Below is a mini-gallery of some of my favorites from his stream.


Read all of VISIONS

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