Nudes in White and Black

Want to know how to tell arty, high class nudes from plain old dirty pictures? Well, for one thing, often arty shots of the female form are in black and white and the model is doing something weird with her body, as if she’s about to fall asleep, lose her balance  or pass gas. But, hey, I don’t care; I can still get turned on by even the most rarified, high class photograph of the female form…

To elevate the abysmally low tone of VISIONS, here a few sets of artistic black and white nudes…

Since Flickr can’t tell art from porn, only Flickr members with safe search OFF will see these classy shots. Join Flickr free.

Naked Truth, by Zamario

Wet, by Alter Ego

Recent Black and White Work, by Tom Gore

The Big Post Modern Peep Show, by Mike Collins

Read all of VISIONS

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