Flickrotica (2/28/10)

Here are a few Flickr photographers of erotica I’ve stumbled upon lately…

WESMENLO specializes in photos of female dominants. This spanking shot, this mean schoolteacher , and this “super domme” provide a nice preview of his ‘stream.

Lydia59 offers another femdom site. Her(?)  images are more traditional than Wesmenlo’s (who has some delightful photos of dommes in business suits and bowler hats!) This gorgeous, traditional dominatrix is a fine example of her photographic style. So is this leather clad, black booted beauty. Finally, this mistress with her pair of girl-slaves is divine!

Werder2640 is another femdom site but with a different slant. Most of the black leather (or latex) clad women are Japanese. This exciting set will make you want to fall on your knees and bow to the Rising Sun….

For those of you with more vanilla tastes (but who still want a dash of kink), you’ll find Amandablonde(48) more to your liking. This 37 photo set of his hot wife should do the trick…

Finally, Plodderslot’s pages are full of luscious pinup shots. While relatively short on nudity, his site is long on eroticism. The women in his set Best Boob Forward are both sexy and well endowed.

Read all of VISIONS

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