Flickr in the News


What’s camera language? This post from NPR, by Callie Neylan, offers a good explanation of the term and uses a Flickr photographer’s work as an example. NPR also offers a separate page on Flickr topics.


Starbucks has botched it’s attempt to use Flickr presence as a marketing too. It’s angered many of the members of its Flickr group and locked down the site to prevent further criticisms (denied, of course, by the company). While its Flickr site encourages photos taken in its outlets, the managers of many harass Flickr member trying to shoot in their stores. One Flickr member described what happened this way:

I just got back from taking what I thought were some nice shots at my regular Starbucks and was told by the senior staff there that Starbucks corporate forbids photography inside their stores. Has anyone else had this problem? If it’s true, it’s stupid because it’s like free freaking promotion for them! (see also Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection).


Joining its military fellows, the marine corps is on Flickr. Well, actually, I see they’ve been on Flickr since 2007. Never mind… I wonder, however, why all of these government sites don’t make an effort to post better photos. The majority of photographs are not much more than snapshots, and often seem to have been taken at a convention’s happy hour…


The US Department of Defense has loosened rules which prohibited military personnel from using internet sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

The new policy doesn’t come without limitations, permitting only “limited personal use when authorized” and requiring both that users put “sound” security measures in place and take care not to seem like they are representing the official position of the DoD if they are using social media for personal purposes. (source: Information Week Government)


Photos of the devastation in Chile are on Flickr. As of this morning hundreds of photos and videos of the damage to the South American nation were posted. Here’s a site with vivid photos of the damage, and another, and another.

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