Flickr 1,000

This photo, my most popular on Flickr, has been faved 148 times. I’m proud of that. As you can read in the photo’s notes, I captured those baby birds by happenstance. Its been on Flickr for coming up on four years. My second most popular image has 108 faves and my third only 82.

Each of the photos in this morning’s gallery has at least one thousand faves. I chose the photos in the gallery from the Flickr group 1000+ Faves. I tried to choose a diverse lot of photos  (landscape, portraits, etc.) rather than just those I thought were the best eighteen shots). Enjoy!


FLICKR 1,000


Even in the rarified air of 1,000 faves you can still find a clunker. Take this photo for example. She’s a lovely girl and the exposure, light and color of the shot are fine, but I really think she ought to have a head! Apparently, however, a great set of  breasts is good enough…

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