Erotic Groups on Flickr

There a many ways to find erotica (or hardcore porn) on Flickr. Of course, you have to have safe search off to find anything good. You can search the entire realm of Flickr using tags. Try sexy, girl and nude, for example. Kinky and girl will locate some, ah, interesting photos. Of course, due to over tagging you’ll have to wade through a lot of boring, G rated shots.

A quicker Flickr search might be finding whole groups of photos matching your particular fetish. Like to show off  (or more) your hot wife? Here’s the group for you! Into T-girls who smoke? Romantic female domination? You get the idea…

Here are a few of the stranger erotic groups I’ve come across…


Dildos and vibrators !ART!

Elegant Seductive Masquerade

Bra Free

Goth Godesses

Girls with knives

Bondage Dolls


Nude, with Cat

Female Body Art

Read all of VISIONS

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