Simple Things

When I’m not engaged in my pathetic attempt to entice lots of teenage boys to visit VISIONS so my hit count goes up, I like to write posts about photography and photographic composition. One of my repeated refrains is the way different artists bring different perspectives to the same, or similar, subjects. This is true with large, well known subjects like the Brooklyn Bridge or Haystack Rock; but it can be equally true with small, seemingly insignificant subjects like coffee cups, footprints or even bacon.

It dawned on me this morning the Flickr galleries I’ve created about such mundane subjects are actually part of a group – a group  of galleries with photographs of simple things. This group of galleries demonstrates principles of photographic composition.

First, here is the Flickr gallery I created this morning. It contains eighteen photos of scissors:



All of the other Simple Things galleries are below:

Fences Lamps Hammers Coffee CupsFootprintsBaconEggsBubbles

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