Dumb & Dumber

How many photostreams on Flickr? A lazy Google search is no help… But if I had to guess I would say… a lot. Maybe even a whole lot. Perhaps even scads and scads.

There are many wonderful photostreams. Here are just a few:

Ali Shorki, public oberberg, 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit), International Olympic Committee,  and the White House.

But there are some pretty dumb photostreams on Flickr. Streams you wonder why anybody would take the time to set them up, and why anyone would take the time to visit them. Here are a few examples:

Long Island Business News. The first five pages of this stream (out of an unbelievable 207)  are head shots of middle aged white guys talking at what is an apparent conference and none of them are identified! The conference isn’t identified. Nothing is identified. So much for “who, what, where and when”. Later in the stream at least the events are listed (but, again, not the people).

FootosVanRobin. This amazing site offers photos of raw foods, jars and cans of food products, and an occasional recipe. Oh, and it isn’t in English…

Waffler Whiffer. Want to see photos of product packaging? How about photos of old Long John Silver’s menus?

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