Last Call…

I wish my blog was more cultured, more refined, more educated. I know I just run an itty bitty sex blog in one dark corner of a cheesy slum at the fringe of  the internet, but I yearn to write an elegant, sophisticated blog about books. That would be so grand…

This post is my first attempt to change my spots. No more tawdry shenanigans, no more porno deceptions…  The following photographs are of real books. For all I know, these books are actual literature. It is absolutely a complete and total coincidence a naked woman is reading (or holding) each of these fine tomes.

Only Flickr members with safe search OFF will see these photos. Join Flickr free.

The Iliad, Gone with the Wind, Little Women,

The Cat in the Hat, Moby Dick, Nine Stories, Fanny Hill,

Great Expectations, Catch-22, and Crime and Punishment


Read all of VISIONS

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