Erotic Groups

I don’t link to Flickr groups very often except when they augment a gallery I’ve posted. My reason for normally avoiding stand alone group posting is the quite uneven quality of group photos. But, hey, who am I to be so choosy? Here are a few groups which feature sexy or erotic photos… Many of the images in these groups are not very good,  but others are well worth looking at.

Enjoy the wheat, ignore the chaff.

Exotic Erotic  Ball photos of, “the annual Halloween party in San Francisco. Currently held at the Cow Palace.”

Tasteful Erotic – “It is not at all nudity, that makes a shot erotic. A view, a pose, or simply a shoe can be more erotic than simple nudity. Erotic means to create a erotic atmosphere!”

Erotic Poetry – “Hey, the title is clear enough. You can post any kind of poem with any kind of erotic or sexual content…”

“Erotic” Defined... – “What is ‘erotic?’ A review of the pics tagged as such shows there are almost as many interpretations as there are flickr members.”

Glamour/Erotic Creations – “This group is about Glamour and Erotic photography, to express the Inexplicacble female beauty through pictures…”

Erotic-ism – “Erotic body .. and more. A group for the artistic erotic enthusiast.”

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