Flickr in the News…

If you live in Springfield, Mo., and just can’t figure Flickr out, there’s a class for you. It’s even free (and you’ll get a T-shirt!)

According to BOINGBOING Flickr is doubling the number of organizations posting in the Commons collection.

Do you know what “augmented reality” is? I don’t. But whatever it is, Flickr is about to get it. That’s a good thing, I guess…

More and more organizations are using Flickr to display wonderfully exciting photos of their events. Here, for example, is the National School Boards Association’s website touting their Flickr site where, “More than 200 photos from NSBA’s Leadership and Federal Relations Network conferences are available for download on our Flickr site. Go to” You don’t want to miss that!

USA Today now carries photos from Flickr. I wonder if the paper pays royalties. I also wonder if  this is a spreading phenomenon. Some day when you have nothing else to do, check out the normal photo royalties for a national publication. Getting some Flickr schmuck to let you use his image for free is a good deal…

“The few, the proud, the Marines,” have their own Flickr site: 911 photos of tanks, guns, grunts and helicopters.

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