Sexy Sets!

A few more sets by Flickr photographers featuring gorgeous nude models. If these girls don’t perk you right up call your doctor immediately!

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The “N” Words. This set, by SecretVodka, may be a bit on the arty side but the model is lovely. Just wish we could see her face…

76 Ball. Anyone who’s searched for erotica on Flickr has chanced upon Coop666. His huge photostream has over 25,000 photos. That’s not a typo, it really is 25,000. Not all of his photos are erotic. But those that are have an old fashioned (’60’s?) soft core porn look.  I’m not sure the motorcycle helmets add to the set I’ve featured – you decide. Here’s one of the collections of Coop’s sexy sets. If you like it there are fifteen more!

Corey. By Mike Wood, this set is delightful. Again, most of these shots are “classic nudes”, but they are sexy, too.

Alina High Heels and Nylons. This isn’t a set, but a photostream of just nineteen photos. Kinky, sure… But I like and maybe you will too!

Your Favs (lemonfridge). Mixed with mundane, everyday photos are vintage nudes. See what turned your granddad on…

Project Avec Michel, a superb batch of sensual and sexy photos by Parisian photographer Simon Jean.

Read all of VISIONS

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