Weird Groups

There is a group on Flickr for virtually everything and every activity in the world. Well, maybe not quite, but close. Here are some groups of photos on topics you might never suspect…

SPATULA. Just 48 photos but some well done photos. An example.

Broken Glass. These 1,619 photos explore the variety of shattered glass.

Milk Cartons Around the World. Amazingly, this group has a mere 75 items; it’s sure to grow! This carton is grand!

Snail, etc.,  Lots of snail fanatics of Flickr, this odd group has 5,589 items. You’ll like this shot!

Pasta, pasta, pasta. 1,008 pasta lovers have posted 4,698 photos and videos of pasta. Like a little ragu alla bolognese?

False Teeth. With a mere nine photos, this tiny group hardly takes a bite out of the subject. Chomp on this one

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