WARNING! More Flickr Perversion!

We haven’t done KINKY in awhile… So how about THIRTY NINE photos of shocking erotica from the darkest and most perverted cesspool in Flickr’s basement. Warning! The surgeon general has determined that certain sexual perversions are dangerous to your health. The faint of heart should not peruse these photos. Contact your physician before viewing if you have a history of heart problems or live in Alabama, Ohio, or Vermont!  VISIONS disclaims any and all liability! These photos are provided for educational purposes only. VISIONS does not condone any of the activities displayed in any of these photographs.

Only Flickr members with safe search OFF will see most of these photos. Join Flickr now.

Buckles & Heels, Latex Lover, Leather Goddess,

Zipper, Tough Love, Cat Suit, Wet & Nasty, Office Cigar,

Kitchen Maid, Twins, Boot Licker, Pussy Starved,

Ponygirl, She’s a Little Bent, Smile, Bound Together,

Off Color, Ouch!, In the Saddle, Ms. Cellophane,

Smoking Hot, Blind, So Cruel, Half a Dozen, Hurt  Me,

Bad Girl, Take This, Fishnet Friends, Down for the Count,

Having a Ball, Blonde Bondage,  Hairbrush, Painful Lesson,

Marital Bliss, Padlocked, Kneeling Beauty, Rope Tricks,

Crossed Up, Bettie Page!

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