Erotic Artists of the Week

Here are another batch of photographers on Flickr who create artistic erotica…

S.B.F. Young and French, SBF’s photostream is delightful. This set of photos featuring breasts is nicely done with attractive models.

Gentili Paolo is a mystery. His profile doesn’t offer any information. His photostream is chock full of superb photos of gorgeous models in provocative poses. One of his models, Nataly has a marvelous body but her eyes may well be the sexiest part of her. Erotica in black and white seems so “arty’. The photos in the set Consuelo Paola are finely lit and well composed photos of a beautiful woman.

Joel Kubicki list his profession as bull fighter. While it seems improbable, who knows… His ‘stream is full of well done, offbeat photos. His nudes are well worth viewing, particularly the set of model Brynn Cook. Here’s a link to his website…

Claude Guerra. Spanish, and lists his occupation as “fotografo”, which I assume means photographer… He’s another artists who uses beautiful and sexy models. Take a look at his photostream and you’ll she what I mean. Eva Chico and Cris are two great sets. Here’s Guerra’s website (try to ignore the distracting music…).

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