Yet More Favorite Photographers…

I’ve written before about my dubious attitude about Flickr contacts. I have 256 contacts. Many people have more, often many more. Even with my modest number I rarely review my contacts’ photos. It’s just too much trouble.

But tonight I’ve decided to at least look at the photographs of my contacts whose work is first rate. I’ve also decided to share these artists photostreams with you…

Rebekka. Anyone who’s been on Flickr as long as I have knows of this remarkable Icelandic woman. Each photo in this set has been faved at least one thousand times.

Ali Shokri. This is about the fourth time I’ve featured this amazing Iranian photographer. I have never seen a photo of his I thought was anything less than superb. Each of the 76 photos in this set are gems; I love them all.

Catnip Intoxicating. While her technical skills may be lacking, her photos are always interesting.

Patrick Smith. Patrick is an unsurpassed master of landscape photography. All of his sets are gorgeous. I decided to link to San Francisco, but you should view them all! When I first saw his work I thought he was one of Flickr’s very best photographers and I’m seen nothing since to change my mind.

Sergio Battaglia. I like his landscapes as well. Sergio also does remarkable macros, particularly of insects.

Kevin McNeal. While some might criticize his shots as being over processed, I find them delightful. With their saturated colors, his photos remind me of some of the nature artwork of the mid 20th century. His set of his most popular photos is one sweet collection.

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