This Won’t Mean Much…

I wrote back in November about my iphone with its cracker jack prize of a camera. I very rarely use the camera on my iPhone 3G. There’s all of one photo on Visions I took with the phone, a shot of my Dear Secretary Jayne.

Sunday afternoon my wife and I travelled to north Knoxville to welcome back my father to his home after his almost  month long stay in a hospital in Atlanta and a Knoxville transitional care unit. We also went to celebrate, two days early,  his ninetieth birthday. We (which of course means my wife) made him a birthday cake and brought a token present: a pair of lounging pajamas.

When we got there my wife said, “oh, no! You forgot your camera!” I started to apologize then had a brain storm. “No I didn’t,” I crowed, “we have our iPhones!”

My wife caused me considerable heartburn when, through her office, she got a iPhone 3GS. The worst part is she only uses it as a phone and could care less about all those neat features that, sob, are not on my antique 3G.

Sunday her phone came in handy. With its 3.2 megapixel sensor and automatic exposure I managed to get some almost passable photos of dad and his cake and his present…

Here is a Flickr group of over seven thousand photos taken with the iPhone 3Gs.

And here are two from Sunday.. (click on either image to enlarge)

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