Not Because I’m Lazy

I’m not lazy.  Just because I’m  doing this post that doesn’t require me to do anything new doesn’t mean I’m lazy. Sure, I don’t have to work at creating this post, no collecting top notch photos for a new gallery or searching Flickr for good, hot sexy images. Nope. None of that! I just type a few lines, then provide some links to some stuff I did months ago. How cool. I believe this is called “recycling”. What a great racket! But I’m not lazy. Honest.

So, here’s the deal, below you get links to the four most popular of my Magic of Women galleries. Wow. Ain’t I great!? Sure, you could go here for links to every one of these galleries, but you’d have to read through the entire list. Why, that could take, I don’t know, maybe fifteen to thirty seconds. Think of all the time I’ve saved you. You could learn Chinese…

BLONDES. I introduced this gallery to the waiting world on November 13 of last year. With just under nine hundred hits it is the hands down winner of the popularity contest. I’ve been annoyed the gallery of redheads has lagged so far behind.

WET & SEXY. Originally post November 20, this is one of my favorite galleries. I was cooking when I picked these photos, that’s for damn certain! W&S has garnered 527 hits.

BIKER BABES. Just a hair behind Wet & Sexy with 504 hits, BB highlights the intimate connection between hot girls and hot bikes.

BRA & PANTIES. This is another of my favorites.  It was posted on December 9 of ’09 and has racked up 349 hits. I’m really old fashioned, I still get a thrill just whispering, “bra & panties!”

Here’s what’s weird. The hit counts for these and all the other galleries have nothing to do with the content but only with the title and the first line of the Visions post they were in.

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