On the Wheel

This is the 308th post on this blog. It took ten months to manage the first hundred. The next two hundred took just four months (averaging about two posts a day).  Over the last thirty days I’ve posted ninety-two times (averaging just over three posts a day!) The trend is clear. At this accelerating rate soon I’ll be posting ten times each day, then twenty, then fifty, then ever more until I spending all of my time on Visions (going broke in the process) until all three billion Flickr photos have been the subject of a post or part of a gallery.

I don’t keep track of the amount of time I spend on Visions. I’d be appalled at the result. But guessing I spend a mere half hour on each post, I’ve spent over forty six hours during the past month. That figure is far too low. Gallery posts take an hour or more to construct. I rewrite posts over and over again until I feel there are perfect (I’m a lousy pruf reader). A more reasonable, and uncomfortable,  guess  of the total amount of time I spend here each week is well north of twelve hours.

What? Who makes me do it!? What deranged villain forces me to add post after post after post to Visions…? Why, we both know the answer: me.

All you the readers (voyeurs?) do is provide me with the excuse.

Read all of VISIONS

By the way, this post took about twenty-five minutes to write…

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