Flickr in the News

Who is Phineas Gage? In 1848 a iron rod pierced Gage’s eye and went though his brain. Why we remember him today is because, miraculously, he survived and lived another twelve years.

It has always been believed no photograph of Gage existed. Now one has turned up – on FlickrThis NPR piece tells the story. Amazingly, the article does not link to the photo. Here it is.

Geology News now displays thumbnails of photos from Flickr tagged Geology. Today’s count: sixty four.

This post on the website for WIRRALNEWS (British) uses a photo taken fifty years ago to highlight a post on the heyday of New Brighton, a now faded holiday destination. Once again, the piece does not contain a link to Flickr.

Xomba , a collaborative website, does an excellent job of explaining which Flickr photos (those with a creative commons license) may be used without express permission.

The BBC will be using Flickr photos (hopefully with permission) to supplement their coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Ten different US Army “commands” now have a Flickr presence. A search within the Department of Defense for Flickr turned up well more than  a hundred pages of results (I stopped looking at page 107).


Google can be stunning. Within ten minutes of my original posting about Phineas Gage, the  blog entry was alredy listed on Google when I  searched for “Flickr news” (limited  to the past 24 hours).

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