Weird & Wonderful: Flickr Groups of the Week

I have no idea how many Flickr groups exist. I’m sure, however, the number is shockingly large. Some groups are all embracing (10 million, for example, with its 6.4 million photos), others quite particular (Trinity Grace Church, a progressive Christian church in New York, with 2,800 photos).

I performed a whimsical and random search to see if I could find groups on topics that popped onto my head. Here are some of the functioning groups (to make the grade a group had to have at least 150 photos) that I stumbled upon in that search:

Antique Postcards of Scotland – 1,312 photos
Antique and Character Vintage Gay Erotica – 175 photos
Sewing with Linen – 5,452 photos
Body odor (oil wet greasy and sweaty) – 288 photos
Sushi – Sushi and Sashimi! ™ -11,785 photos
Vintage Hats -1,605 photos
Half-timbered Houses – 864 photos
Vintage Drinking Glasses – 143 photos
Utah Loves Cupcakes Blog – 1,365 photos
Animal Yawns – 4,544 photos
Paper Coffee Cups – 649 photos
PLASTIC JESUS – 760 photos
Miniature Schnauzer 10,665 photos

We may laugh at some of these groups, or be astonished they exist, but to their members they are important and a place to share their exotic or rare interests. Twenty plus years ago your beloved collection of thimbles or fondness for antique hats was a lonely endeavor. Unless you lived in a large metropolitan area you chances of finding like-minded folks was quite small. Today, thanks to the internet, and Flickr in particular, with a few mouse clicks, you can find hundreds, if not thousands (or even tens of thousands) of people around the interest who share your passion. Ain’t it grand…

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