The Magic of Women: “With Child”

Women are iconic. Their very magic is their representation of so many different and potent ideals: mother, daughter, austere beauty, goddess, sexual siren, dominatrix, matron, and old maid, just to name a few. the Magic of Women series of Flickr galleries has, of course, focused on the sexual beauty of women and its accompanying power.

I was hesitant to put together this forty-first gallery on Visions. The pregnant woman is perhaps the most powerful feminine icon. With her obvious, visual, connection to life’s most compelling process, reproduction, she has been regarded with awe for most of human history. She has also been hidden from public view or considered “unclean”.

Many consider pregnant women to be beautiful, even sexually appealing, despite what is her rather awkward, even humorous, body shape. I confess I find some of the women in the gallery, and additional photos, sexually attractive. Note the word “confess”. I admit I have an ambivalent attitude about this. My thoughts were formed long ago, in a different age (the ’50’s and early ’60’s), when even the word “pregnant” was somewhat taboo.

In any event, I have elected to proceed. There is certainly no greater magic that women possess than the power to become pregnant and give birth. So I give you:


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Here are a few tasteful photos  of nude pregnant women: pensive, waiting, exposed, almost done,  cheerful, thinking ahead, golden light, future family, standing proud, earth mother, and sexuality.

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