Oh? I Can Do That!?

When it comes this blog I am a fairly simple, straight forward guy. All I want is to write posts and link to photos, sets and galleries on Flickr.  I use WordPress because it’s easy and offers a good look. But other than imbedding some of my photos at the top or bottom of blog posts, I don’t take advantage of many techie WordPress features.

I kinda, sorta knew that there were Flickr widgets and plugins and other stuff available on WordPress to insert into, or add to a blog. I kinda, sorta didn’t care. But you might. Here’s a marvelous site listing 49 different WordPress Flickr plugins.  I just tried downloading a plugin which is supposed to display a slideshow of one of my sets from within a post. So far I have failed to get it installed, but I’ll keep working on it.

Until I master the plugin route, here’s a Flickr slideshow of one of my favorites sets.

I just dawned on me I may never have explained on Visions why I don’t post Flickr photos rather than just link to them. I don’t publish images (other than my own) to avoid any copyright complications. I would waste way, way, way to much time trying to get consent to post images. There’s also no guarantee, of course, that the person who posted an image on Flickr owns the copyright or has the right to grant a license to reproduce that image.

When  I looked at all the WordPress Flickr plugins I realized most of them could be used to violate copyright since they allow you to import and publish photos from anyone on Flickr in your blog.

I follow a rule of thumb on Flickr and copyright. If you publish one of my photos so that it looks as if it is simply part of your site then you have violated my copyright. It doesn’t matter if my image links back to my Flickr page, or that you give me credit or if the credit links to me or my Flickr page. Of course, if I’m using a plugin to publish your Flickr photo on my WordPress blog I’m violating your copyright, too.

So I only provide links. Of course, I can’t publish most of the sexually explicit photos here, anyway…. I don’t think? No, doesn’t seem like I can  (nor urls for those images on Flickr). I know there is some way to do it, but I wouldn’t. Even porno pictures are protected by copyright.

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