Flickrotica IX

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If you love big butts, I mean really big, out there, killer butts, you’ll adore Kharafellpiere’s photostream.  Some of these butts have their own zip code.

GagherTight5’s set Tied offers 46 well done, if fairly standard, bondage photos of attractive models.

Kharafellpier loves big butts, Georg P loves big tits. Together they could create the perfect woman…

School – T – Girl created Something Extra, a set of Second Life images of, well, T-girls…

Post Apocalyptic  Playboy Bunny, by Curtis Joe Walker, is one of the strangest, and funniest, erotic photos I’ve ever seen on Flickr.

If you like fishnet, this group should catch your attention.

Who isn’t beguiled by that iconic image of  sexuality, the french maid. Another Maid. Want  more? French Maids is the Flickr group for you!

Groucho  Marx sang of his ardor for Lydia the Tattooed Lady. If you love  illustrated women, too, this Flickr group should keep you busy for quite some time, but draw your own conclusions…

Short haired vixens have an androgynous appeal. This Flickr group shows why.

Ahh! Life is so surreal. There’s a fetish for everyone. Here’s a Flickr group for lovers of BBW’s in the water!

Read all of VISIONS

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