Flickr in the News

Another Flickr David is battling a media Goliath in England. While copyright law is of course not identical across the pond, it is close enough for this story to resonate here. In England, the Independent newspaper stole “borrowed” Peter Zab’s photo of an English snowfall from Zab’s Flickr pages. When Zab complained instead of the usual mea culpa usually offered by guilty media outlets, the Independent claimed it was “well within its rights” to appropriate Zab’s photo. Read the rest of the story.

It appears that China, not content with hacking Internet giant Google, is now fucking with Flickr. It isn’t the first time China has muscled Yahoo; Flickr was shut down by the government before the twentieth anniversary of the Tiananmen student uprising. Here’s a related posting.

The bad news in Syria is the government will not tolerate any criticism of the state on the web; the good news is you can discuss and argue about masturbation all you want. There are just shy of 8,000 photos on Flickr tagged “masturbation” but I cannot tell how many originate in Syria!

The US Census Bureau will be using Flickr and other social networking sites to promote the census. Maybe they’ll want all of us to snap a few photos of our family to upload directly to Washington…

If you’ve ever worried that Flickr might be invaded, you can calm down, the US Army has arrived on Flickr. Here’s it official profile page. With under 5,000 photos the site is not very active. There are only eight photos tagged “haiti”.

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