Erotic Artists of the Week!

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Now that I’ve warned you all away from the menace of excessive photoshopping in my long, learned essay on the topic, let’s move along to something more exciting – more filthy pictures! Here are some Flickr photographers who really know how to (artistically) light me up:

Hybriyds is mad a Flickr. That’s too bad, but he’s  still posting and that’s all to the good. Another fine European artist (in Belgium), he combines erotica with – surprise – photoshop like techniques.  Here’s his set of relatively “pure” photographs. Lilith, a large set more than sixty images, shows off his ability to pleasingly combine surreal effects with erotica.

Atomic Cheesecake Studio (how can you not love that name!) offers a photostream of well photographed pinups. They may be relatively tame, but they are still quite  sexy. Sexy is more an attitude than just a function of how much skin a woman reveals.

Martina Jacova’s Flickr presence  is probably a disguised promo for her porn site (where she goes by the name of Kyla Cole – here’s a gallery of photographs). I don’t mind giving her a plug.  Sadly, she has no sets, but her entire photostream is pretty hot!

I have a thing for bondage. I’m in therapy. Wolfordboond2009’s flickr pages may well cause me to relapse. Into pantyhose and duct tape? This set is for you!

Read all of VISIONS

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