Out of Africa

Here’s what the New York Times wrote about Michael Poliza’s book Africa in December of 2006:

A massive, majestic book (it weighs 12.15 pounds, more than most newborns), it features 180 startlingly vivid animal portraits and expansive vistas from across southern Africa: zebras galloping across the delta, a small plane crossing open scrubland, a splay-legged giraffe bending to drink from a lagoon. Poliza is a German entrepreneuer and former child star who turned to nature photography as Act 3, and in his more obvious subjects it can feel as if he’s still finding his way…

His work is, at its best, simply stunning. I’ve created a Flickr gallery of eighteen of his more recent photos (although, like most professionals on Flickr, he posts infrequently). Poliza first came to my attention in my first few months on Flickr when I faved the first photo in the gallery. His Flickr profile is here; his website is marvelous. You can even watch a video on YouTube!


Read all of Visions

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