The Beautiful Face

OK, I confess. When I put together most of the galleries featured in Visions I pick photos of sexy women with as little on as Flickr allows. Check out Blondes, or Girls & Guns, or Naughty Nurses, for example. Tits & Ass! Or in another, more refined word: pulchritude.

So now I repent. Today’s Flickr gallery features women with beautiful faces, wonderful personalities and each of whom makes all her own clothing and gives to the poor…  I have been careful in most of these shots to shield you from the distraction of what lies below the lady’s pretty neck. You can thank me later.

But seriously, folks… As a subject of photography the human face escapes the fate of flowers, sunrises, and iconic places or structures. The human face is never dull. We are amazingly attuned to the human face; it is our ultimate recognized pattern. We see faces in clouds, trees, and burnt toast. Each photographed face portrays its own intrinsic emotional instant. The photographer need supply only proper focus and the most minimal originality – the face provides the rest.

So, no need to feel like a guilty voyeur as you admire the women in:


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