Is Anybody Here?

I’ve just done a rather quick and dirty bit of research to determine how many Flickr accounts are inactive and empty, or nearly so. First I used explore to find people who fit certain random parameters (containing “jones” or “Smith”, etc.) Then I totaled up how many of those accounts had 0 items. It appears to me from my hasty check that somewhere between a quarter and a third of Flickr accounts are totally empty.  Add in accounts with ten or fewer items and you are at about fifty percent.

What percentage, I wonder, of Flickr accounts are truly active on a day in day out basis? Another dirty check reveals that less than fifteen percent of Flickr accounts have a hundred or more items.

I suspect one part of the problem is Flickr does not delete the accounts of people who sign up for a free account and then quickly abandon the service. On the other hand, there still to be an awfully large number of ghost accounts.

So, where is everybody!? Or, perhaps more to the point, where did everybody go!?

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