Erotic Artists of Yore

Here are a handful of photographers posting on Flickr worth visiting:

Erotic Art Photo. She (at least that’s her claimed gender) has an empty profile but joined Flickr just this month. Among her 200 photos are erotic shots from yesteryear. Here are some of the more salacious examples: “resting on her laurels”, “dancing with friends”, “intimate ladies”,  “hotwheels”, “three of a kind”, and “mirror, mirror”.

If vintage photos of women now old enough to be your great grandmother turn you on,  Johnny Mahoney’s photostream is just your ticket. Vintage Nudes is an excellent set. Johnny actually took these photos himself. Next week he celebrates his 118th birthday.

Another antique roll top desk crammed full of vintage nudes awaits you at Rosepusateri’s site (sorry, there are  no sets).

Proof people had sex before 1966 (the year I discovered it) may be found in the racy set Vintage Erotica by Memento Mori1880.

Want to know how people fucked in truly ancient times: this photo of Roman brothel art from Pompeii, and this one, and this one, too reveal how they managed long before Viagra or pushup bras . Going even further back, here’s a photo of an ancient Indian sculpted sex manual courtesy of [gp].

If you’re feeling old now, this delicious set by Von Wolfsburg of an accommodating blonde should perk you right up.

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