Splendor in the Grass

I’m not much of an outdoor guy. Not a field & stream guy. Not a roll around in the grass guy. As close as I get to appreciating the great outdoors is gazing lustfully at Henri Mattise’s The Joy of Life. I can certainly admire a fine looking lady out of doors, strolling through the green, green grass. But I’d much rather have her indoors, preferably in my bedroom, in my bed. Or at least on my bearskin rug…

I had a girlfriend in the early eighties who craved sex outdoors. She was always wanting to strip and make love in the forest, by a stream or even in an open field. The very few times I gave in to her insane desires I just lay there worrying about spiders, snakes and cops.

But for those of you who prefer the outdoors, and like your women surrounded by grass (or smoking it) I give you the thirty-ninth Magic of Women gallery:


Links to all Magic of Women galleries HERE

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These pics were too green fir the gallery: Bahia, Blue, Fescue, Buffalo, and Zoysia

Flickr Group: Girls in Field

Read all of  Visions

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