White, Wicked & Wanton

Red is  sexy.

Black is  sexy.

But white? White is the color of purity, snow, tea cups, bridal dresses, of stoves and refrigerators and far too many cars. White is a blank slate, an empty page. White is nothingness. So white can’t be sexy, right?

Wrong! White can be sexy. Very sexy! Classic white lingerie lights me up. White lace brassieres. white corsets, white garter belts and garters, white panties and white stockings on good looking women make it hard for me — to breathe. Do you doubt me that white is sexy? As evidence I offer you these eighteen torrid examples in a single gallery called…

White, Wicked & Wanton

A few photos too bright for the gallery: witch, rabbit, bone, teeth, eyes, rice, socks, and clouds

Flickr group: Girls in White Lingerie

Read all of Visions

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