Ties That Bind

I hate ties. I used to wear one every goddam day. In my late middle age I only strap one around my fat neck when I’m headed to Court.

I know a guy who wears only really goofy ties his small kids pick out. He walks into a courtroom and nobody says a thing. Try that with no tie and you’ll get dirty looks or worse. I should wear a tie that says, “I hate ties!” Really, what’s the point of a tie? A long, skinny bit of expensive, patterned fabric around my neck means… what exactly?

When I was a teen I thought ties were grown up (and I sure wanted to be grown up!) Now I want to be a kid again. A kid without a tie. With an open collar. Hell, with no collar at all!

Why is it that the tie, certainly a symbol of upscale masculinity, looks so delightfully sexy on a woman?  To demonstrate my point, I offer you:


Anyone can see the gallery, but only flickr members with safe search off can see these pics. Join Flickr free.

These tie pics were too knotty for the gallery: Windsor, Kelvin, Nicky, Cavendish, Pratt, and Square.

Read all of Visions

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