Flickr in the News

Want to use your Flickr photos to make an “online magazine”? Here’s an article touting a program to accomplish just that. The piece is a little vague about whether you can uses other folks’ photos.

For Brits, Downing Street is now on Flickr. Lots of shots of prime minister Gordon Brown yakking it up with various other politicians. Compelling stuff!

Want to add your Flickr photos to your WordPress blog? Here’s how to do it.

According to this story on Marketing Vox, over three billion photos have now been uploaded to Flickr, including a billion in the past year. Flickr places third in total images, behind Facebook (10 billion)  and Photobucket (6.2 billion).

Apple’s iphone rules! The iphone 3g is the most popular camera on Flickr. Will Google’s Nexus One compete?

What do your get when you marry Flickr to Wikipedia? Fotopedia. Another of those “you provide the content and we’ll make the money” sites. At least they don’t violate copyrights.

Like really tiny Flickr photos? This bit of software lets you display Flickr photos on your cell phone.

No sex please, we’re Indian. Dubai bans Flickr.

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