Women in Chains!

Flickr is just plain amazing. It is genuinely difficult to find a subject that will not yield a bounty of excellent photographs. Want to put together a gallery of photos of gerbils? A quick search of “gerbil” with explore pulls up just under five thousand photos (and all you need are eighteen!)

My recent post on galleries not by me demonstrates how creative “galleryists” can be. If you can  find them, there are superb galleries hidden in the Flickr mists…

So, what marvelously creative gallery have I been inspired to put together for you? How about…


Anyone can see the gallery, only flickr members with safe search off will see the following photos. Join Flickr here!

A few shots too tight for the gallery: hands, waist, arms, legs, hands, breasts, neck, feet, back, and everywhere

Read all of Visions

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