Four (plus one) More Sexy Sets

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Jason Tag describes himself as follows:

I am a photographer and artist specializing in nudes. But I also shoot landscapes and other stuff for fun as well. I hope you enjoy the images and if you find an image you like please let me know by leaving a comment….

This set of  black and white photos of Leaann is superb. Check out all of Jason’s photos…

Kounelli’s profile is sparse. His set of the beautiful Nelly is an excellent collection of photos revealing her ample charms, Here’s his photostream.

Polina Manuylova’s profile is likewise devoid of information about her. That’s a shame; she’s a fine photographer. Enjoy her photos of Ekaterina.  Her photostream is worth a look, too.

Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart is a German pro. Visit his website and you’ll appreciate his talent. In his set Glamour he demonstrates his fine eye for the ladies!


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