They’re Baaaaaaaack!!!!!

Blondes are so last year… Blondes were the subject of the third Magic of Women gallery (redheads were first, brunettes second). There were so many photos of scantily clad blond women on Flickr when I did Blondes picking sizzling shots of sexy women for the gallery was liking shooting fish in a barrel.

So why not do it again? I just got my good shotgun out of pawn and my trigger finger’s got a weird spastic twitch…

Surely in the last two months about another million or so photos tagged blonde must have been uploaded to Flickr. I shouldn’t have any trouble at all finding another eighteen glorious photos of hot and horny yellow haired women!! How easy is this gonna be!?

I know what you’re thinking. First I stooped to doing a bikini gallery; now I’ve gone even lower by doing a blondes sequel.

Get over it….

Oh, if you want to read about my lousy luck with blondes, read this prior post. then visit the original gallery of blondes.

The Magic of Women, volume thirty-seven:


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