Photoshop Phantasies

We all love sexy women, right?

Ok, some of us prefer sexy boys (not that’s there anything wrong with that!!)

Anyway, back to the point. We all love a sexy woman. But what if we’d like to change her a little bit (or a lot), or change the background, or add or subtract something, or someone, in the photo?

Why we then turn to  Photoshop! We can simply cover up her tattoo, make her a little thinner or make her boobs a little bigger.We can give her long raven hair, put a braod sword in her hand, a serpent around her bare shoulders and then put her in an sparkling enchanted forest… We can even draw our own image and dispense completely with those costly and snooty models and fancy cameras altogether.

Flickr Photoshop artists know how to blend sex appeal, women, and fantasy. Here, in this Flickr gallery, are some of the magical results:


Read All of VISIONS

One Response to “Photoshop Phantasies”

  1. Those photos were dope. I really like them. Thanks for sharing!

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