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In  mid April of 2006, before I had my Nikon, my wife and I took a short, weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Western Carolina is mostly like east Tennessee but with more money, sophisticated culture and better food.

I brought my then beloved Panasonic DMC FZ5 five megapixel  zoom lens camera with me. I was already addicted to photography and harbored photographic pretensions. I sought out interesting subjects that morning and strove to create well composed, “artistic” photos.

I left our hotel room, and sleeping wife, well before  seven and walked the short distance to the center of Asheville’s downtown. The sky was cloudless and the downtown streets remarkable empty. I discovered I was not alone, however. Another photographer, with an SLR  with an intimidating long lens, was already wandering the downtown streets snapping away.

He of course paid no attention to me with my “point and shoot” camera. I was resentful of his disdain, but I understood. How could I pretend to be a “serious photographer” carrying my dinky little, cheap plastic camera around my neck on its pitifully tiny camera strap?

The shot below is the best I got that Carolina morning. I confess to enhancing the color and contrast with Photoshop to highlight the differing shades of red of the bricks in the wall.  I’m proud of this shot with its mix of color, texture and  window artfully placed in the lower right hand color (rule of thirds!)

Here’s the set of all the shots I thought worth publishing on Flickr.

This Flicker group of Asheville photos is well worth visiting.

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