Like Footprints, You Know, in the Sand

So, you know, like I got all inspired like seeing those Flickr galleries and all from Explore, you know? Anyway, so, like, I put together a Flickr, you know, um, gallery on footsteps, or footprints, or such as, really, but I called it, you know first off footsteps, but, you know, it seemed really like footprints is better. You know what I mean?

Prior to commencing this project I was smugly certain I would unearth from the Internet’s  limitless landfill of literature, a perfect song, or hauntingly spare poem (preferably in French or German), or a witty, yet profound quotation by some well known sage to accompany this admittedly pretentious gallery. Having assembled, however, the collection of photographs entitled Footprints fully prior to performing my fruitless search for its literary companion, I am now loathe to abandon my photographic project and cannot bear to delete it.

You know what I’m saying? So like just, you know, enjoy, you know,  all the pretty pictures.

I’ll try to find something  profound tomorrow


Flickr Group: Footprints and their Owners

Read All of VISIONS

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