My Flickr Pet Peeves Rant of the Day

Hiding EXIF data

More and more, it seems, Flickr photographers are not allowing EXIF data to accompany their photos. Why? In some cases, I know, if the photo is extensively modified in Photoshop or, presumably, in other editors, EXIF data may be stripped out. But it seems most of the missing data is the result of the photographer’s desire to delete it. With other photos, taken with dSLR’s, there are odd omissions from the EXIF file. Some, for example, will not have the focal length (or it is listed as “0.0mm”).

Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot fathom why someone would not want EXIF shown. If you do, let me know…

Over Tagging

I rarely put more than a dozen different tags, and usually only four or five, on a photo I post to Flickr. Others, I’ve noticed, will put way more tags. This image, by way of example, carries twenty-two tags. I’ve seen others with twice that number or more.

Recently I was trolling for sexy photos of women from San Francisco. I searched, primarily, for images tagged “sexy girl” and “San Francisco”. When I would check an image’s tags to be sure it was, in fact, taken in San Francisco, I would, in some cases, discover the image was tagged with two or more different geographic tags. Lacking any information in the comment to the photo it was impossible to tell where the photo was actually taken.

I suspect the main reason for over tagging is to lure more hits. The most outrageous example of this are sexual tags on “innocent” photos. Of course, there are also sexually explicit photos with dozens and dozens of sex act tags including many that in no way relate to the action depicted.

The trouble with all this over tagging is, of course, it seriously weakens the utility of the Flickr search function. When I run a tag search for something I get annoyed when half  the photos displayed have nothing to do with the tag. Search (tag only) “car” and this photo shows up. The nice shot of an interior has forty-eight tags. “Car” is evidently listed because there is a car barely visible through one of the windows of the building: a tiny, little car probably about a hundred yards or more distant. Tags for the photo also include all the visible colors. I’m surprised the photographer didn’t add “air”, or “atoms” as a tag.

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