Flickrotica IV: Happy Days

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Here’s a Flickr testimonial for this week’s featured  erotic photographer Zaxpic:

“With care he offers an inspiring and warm treatment to the women that he loves and enjoys so dearly. That warmth and inspiration is reflected in his pictures, which are gemstones of eroticism, sensuality and nudity. I see him as an artist of life, celebrating the joy of life in the bodies that breath life heavily when touched by his hands, his attention, and … his camera! Thanks for sharing these celebrations with us, my friend.”

View a bit of his photostream and you will see why he deserves the praise. To tell the truth, his photos are not necessarily artistic or polished, but they have a nice freshness and zest. Everyone in his shots looks happy and like they’re having a grand time.

What’s better than one sexy woman? Why, two (or more) of course. This set, the More the Merrier,  offers photos of two, or three, or four ladies happily together. Each of  the photos in this small set has been hit at least 20,000 times.

And here’s a photographer Zaxpix likes…

Read All of VISIONS

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