Maggie’s Message from Maine

I don’t get a lot of comments. Guys cruising for sexy photos of young women are taciturn. They are unlikely to send me a note appreciating the composition of my gallery Biker Babes, or the time it took me to put it together.

I was surprised when my clearly tongue in cheek post about my upcoming surgery garnered two supportive comments.

I just received a short but nice comment from Maggie, proprietor of the photo blog Maggie’s Camera.  You may find her comment at the bottom of my post on  Van de Vorst.

The interent is stunning. Her blog tells us Maggie is a student at Bates College. Where the hell is that? I wondered. A few minutes later, thanks to Wikipedia, I knew more than I wanted to know about the place. Founded by abolitionists, Bates is a premier liberal arts college in Lewiston

Anyway, Maggie’s Camera is certainly worth a look.

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