Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge is a spectacular work of architecture and engineering. I drove over it twice in the mid nineties during a visit to San Francisco. Both times I suffered a relatively severe case of vertigo… The road way is a long, long way up from from the water and I made the mistake of looking down….

Like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate in San Francisco is a magnet for photographers. Well over 145,000 photos on Flickr are tagged “golden gate bridge”; I’m sure there tens of thousands more tagged differently.

In my annotated Flickr gallery, I’ve selected pictures of the bridge which offer something original, something other than just another professionally done fifty cent  “post card” shot. The selected images range from wide angle photos to ones taken with very long lenses, from images taken up close and personal to ones taken for miles away, from black and white to color…

As always, photography is much more an art than a science. Your milage may vary….

Here’s a post and gallery with the same theme with photos of Haystack Rock.

All of my compositional posts and galleries are linked to in this post.

The most comprehensive San Francisco Flickr group. Here’s a group just for photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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