That Toddlin’ Town

Chicago, chicago that toddling town
Chicago, chicago I’ll show you around – I love it
Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in chicago
The town that billy’s sunday could not shut down

On state street that great street I just want to say
They do things that they don’t do on broadway – say
They have the time the time of their life
I saw a man and he danced with his wife
In chicago, my home town

That guy who danced with his wife must be one faithful fellow (or a little blind). The girls of Chicago will tempt almost any man; they’ll take your breath away! The last time I was in Chicago they sure did mine.

The only thing about these marvelous women that’ll give you the blues is that you can’t have all of them to yourself (or that your wife won’t let you have any of them at all).

In honor of all the girls with big, uh,… shoulders, here’s the thirty-fourth the Magic of Women gallery (and third in the “city” TMWG series):


Links to all of the Magic of Women galleries are HERE

Anyone can see the gallery, but only Flickr members with safe search off can see these explicit photos. Join Flickr Free.

Shots too windy for the gallery: Adams House, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, Sears Tower, Millennium Park, the Loop. and Adler Planetarium.

Flickr group: Chicago Cuties

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